We live and work in a VUCA world – Volatile; Uncertain; Complex and Ambiguous. In a world of exponential and continuous change, it has become more critical than ever to ensure that accountants remain relevant in the roles they perform. As technology continues to improve and is more and more prevalent to everything that accountants do, so this creates both challenges and opportunities for current and future members / associates of SAICA. SAICA has responded to this ever changing world by undertaking a number of strategic initiatives including :

  • CA2025 – the development of a competency framework which sets out what professional competence entry level CAs  should demonstrate.
  • CA Pathways to Relevance (CAPtR) – takes the CA2025 competency framework and through ten career paths defines as a guide professional competencies that should be displayed.
  • The CPD Policy was also adapted (effective 1 January 2020) to recognise the different ways in which members further develop their professional competence post qualification and further information and resources can be found on the policy here.



SAICA’s CA2025 competency framework sets out the competencies an entry level CA(SA) should demonstrate at the end of the pre-qualification process (I.e. after the completion of the academic programme, training programme, professional programme and the two professional assessments). This framework is future focused and was developed to prepare prospective CAs(SA) for the roles they are likely to fill in the future. Click here for more information about the CA2025 project.


Pathways to Relevance

This defines the post qualification roles and competence requirements which can be used as guideline when undertaking the require self-reflection for the CPD policy above. Visit http://capathways.co.za to explore your personal pathway and competencies required for your role.

For questions about this project please email: CA2025@saica.co.za.


CPD Policy

Critical to the success of the CA2025 project is the revised CPD policy (effective 1 January 2020) which moves measurement of lifelong learning, for the purpose of professional body reporting, from input (hours) to output (competence relevant to your role). This requires that professionals embrace the attitude and skill of lifelong learning which is more critical as accountants of the future are likely to have to learn, relearn and unlearn at great pace in order to remain relevant. Click here for more information about the revised CPD policy.