SAICA’s project, CA2025 – Pathways to Relevance, is aimed at assisting its members and associates to prepare for their roles as these evolve (or completely change) in the future.

This project is known as “CA2025”, representing the work which are looking at the future roles CAs(SA) might hold, define what competencies these roles require and to ensure that at both the pre-and post-qualification stages that such competencies (knowledge, skills and attributes) can be acquired and developed.

The “2025” merely represents a point in the future and not a fixed point in time as we will have to continue to evolve as the world around us changes beyond the year 2025.

This project is being used to inform changes to the pre-qualification period:

  • Inform the process for qualifying CAs (all aspects of the qualification process will be reviewed to see that it is fit for purpose and can deliver CAs who have the competencies defined).  Click here for more about the CA2025 journey.

This project is also being used to inform changes to the post-qualification period:

  • Define competencies for different roles and different levels post qualifying as a CA(SA).  Click here for PtR (Pathway to Relevance);
  • Inform the SAICA offerings (content and nature of offering) as they relate to the development of these competencies for these different roles. Click here for on-line offerings.


An entry level chartered accountant is one who has completed the academic, training and assessment programmes of SAICA. It is the point at which one can register to become a CA(SA). This was the starting point as this is the point at which all CAs have the most in common.

Please find a copy of the draft framework here.